What We Do

Generations of Agricultural Experience

VFF is a diversified crop and livestock operation with a rich history spanning five generations. Our unwavering commitment to excellence is reflected in the comprehensive management, labor, equipment, crop inputs, and capital that we provide to optimize the returns on farmland. With over 70 percent of our land leased from other families and investors, we take great pride in delivering top-notch yields and unparalleled returns to our landowners, while simultaneously enhancing their land along the way.


Our land management team members are experts at maximizing the returns to farmland and making the entire landowner experience more enjoyable. VFF is not your traditional farm manager because we personally have generations of experience operating successful farms and are also active sharecroppers, tenants, and landowners. We provide landowners comprehensive guidance on everything from tenant selection and lease structure to land use and conservation practices.

Crop Insurance

Our unique partnership with Labache Ag puts VFF at the forefront of crop insurance decision-making. Together, we help landowners make strategic decisions that not only maximize value and manage risk, but work positively toward the specific goals they’ve set for their operation.

Conditioned Manure Services

Our conditioned manure business takes raw manure from local feedyards and transforms it into a valuable fertilizer, which increases crop yields and reduces the reliance on synthetic fertilizers. Conditioned manure comes with the added benefit of being naturally-sourced and better for the environment, providing more organic matter and plant nutrients to the soil, improving soil structure and soil water holding capacity, and reducing volatilization, leaching, and potential runoff.

Precision Ag & Seed Services

We offer Pioneer and triticale seed sales along with precision ag and agronomy consulting for area farmers. This ensures that we’re staying up to date on the best and latest hybrids and farming practices that can be implemented on all of VFF’s land.


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A multi-family farm is a type of agricultural operation where multiple families own and work on a single farm property. At VFF, we have several families with multiple generations of farmers who collaborate and work together in various ways to manage the farm. It’s a shared effort that allows families to create a sense of community while pursuing their shared passion for farming.

The size and scope of this farming operation has greatly increased in the last couple of decades due to farm and land acquisition. There are many families, investors, and partnerships involved in our growth, and their legacies deserve to be reflected in our organization. VFF pays tribute to its origin story while remaining open to the next generation of families who will impact the organization’s future.

VFF is committed to many different initiatives to benefit both the local community and surrounding areas. One of our top priorities is job creation. By employing more than 50 individuals in the Scott City region, we’re continually providing employment opportunities and contributing to the growth of the local economy.

We’re also deeply committed to environmental stewardship and take great care to ensure that our farming practices are sustainable and environmentally responsible. By employing a variety of practices that protect soil health, conserve water, and we aim to be responsible stewards of the land that we farm. 

Finally, we’re actively involved in the community. We sponsor local events and organizations, serve as volunteers or board members, and seek opportunities to solve community-wide challenges. One of our most recent initiatives, City Acres, provides high-quality and affordable housing to Scott City residents.

VFF strives to establish lasting partnerships with landowners built on trust and open, transparent communication. We start by forming a deep understanding of their goals and their land so that we can develop a strategic plan to maximize returns to landowners. Using the latest equipment, precision agriculture, soil management techniques, and sustainable practices ensures that each plan can be implemented in the most efficient, effective, and environmentally-responsible way possible.

We provide a fulfilling work experience for those who are enthusiastic about sustainable agricultural practices, dedicated to producing top-quality crops, and enjoy being recognized for their hard work. What’s special about VFF is our culture of self-improvement and growth. Employees are supported and encouraged to pursue education even if it takes them away from the farm for an extended period of time. We also strive to understand our team’s unique talents and how they can be incorporated into their roles and responsibilities on the farm.


Whether you’re looking for land management services, an employment opportunity, or more information about what we do, please reach out.