Land Management


VFF’s land management services were developed to provide transparency between tenants and landowners. We’re experts at maximizing the returns to farmland while minimizing landowner risk through creative lease structures and intelligent use of crop insurance. We provide landowners comprehensive guidance on everything from tenant selection and government programs to land use and conservation practices.

At VFF, providing comprehensive land management services means our team:


Maximize Returns to Farmland

One of the main differences between traditional farm managers and VFF is that we are motivated and incentivized to maximize returns to farmland. Many traditional farm managers make more money selling land and managing the landowner's other financial assets than they do increasing production. We focus on finding the right tenants that can maximize the productive capacity of the land, providing value to both landowners and tenants, and we do not benefit from landowners selling their land. Over 70% of our acres are leased from landowners and investors, and we must show landowners a better return on their land investment than they can receive from alternative investments.

Lease Arrangement Experts

We recognized how crop share leases inhibited technology adoption on farms so we pioneered the flex lease in western Kansas to fix limitations like this and provide more options for landowners. A flex lease combines the best aspects of the traditional crop share lease with the best aspects of a simple cash lease, and it’s becoming an increasingly popular choice for landowners. The landowner receives a guaranteed cash payment up front with the opportunity to participate in an additional flex payment when yields or crop prices are high.

Generations of Personal Experience

Many traditional farm managers have little to no experience, or have failed at, operating a farm. What’s unique about VFF is we personally have generations of experience operating successful farms and are also active sharecroppers, tenants, and landowners.


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