Join the Team


Just like any agricultural operation, we do what’s needed to get the job done right. Sometimes that means early mornings and late nights, but we strive for balance. Our top priority is ensuring our team is healthy, happy, and supported.


We’re a community of like-minded people who are motivated to succeed as a team. We work hard, but we support each other and have fun during the process. There’s a reason most of our new employees have been referred to us by current employees.


Working at VFF offers team members the chance to learn new skills and take on increasingly difficult challenges that can contribute to both personal and professional growth. VFF also provides high-performing team members with leadership opportunities and a clear path for advancement.


We’re committed to supporting our team and demonstrating our appreciation for their dedication and hard work. We offer a range of enticing benefits designed to help them succeed both at work and at home. Starting with a highly competitive hourly wage, opportunities for overtime pay, and retirement contributions, we make sure our team members are compensated fairly and are planning for a successful future. We also provide medical insurance coverage for employees and their families. For added convenience, we offer a commuting pick-up for getting to and from work.

WHO We’re looking for

We have team members from across the world with varying levels of experience in the agricultural industry, but we all have these traits in common.

We're Driven.

The VFF team is extremely ambitious and committed to the success of the farm. We’re all willing to put in the extra hours when needed and strive to learn and develop new skills.

We’re Resourceful.

The VFF team is always looking for innovative and efficient ways to solve problems and maximize productivity.

We’re Strong Leaders.

The VFF team is dedicated to continuously providing mentorship, training, and support so that everyone is able to take pride and ownership in their work.