Crop Insurance


Luc Valentin graduated Kansas State University with a PhD in Agricultural Economics and founded Labache Ag in 2010 after working at VFF as a farm management specialist. Luc has extensive experience in the day-to-day operations of production agriculture, giving him a deep understanding of the realities and finer details of a successful farming enterprise. Labache Ag offers financial analysis, farm management consultation, and crop insurance services to farmers in Kansas, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas.


Specialized Advice & Consultations

VFF’s connection with Labache Ag has made us experts in how to employ crop insurance on our farming operation. Crop insurance has been critical for managing risk and maximizing returns during drought years. By fully understanding and utilizing all available crop insurance products, VFF is able to take more calculated risks that increase returns to landowners.

Lease Alternatives for Landowners

By working together, VFF and Labache Ag have refined the flex lease concept to work well in western Kansas, providing more alternatives for landowners. A flex lease combines the best aspects of the traditional crop share lease with the best aspects of a simple cash lease, and it’s becoming an increasingly popular choice for landowners. The landowner receives a guaranteed cash payment up front with the opportunity to participate in an additional flex payment when yields or crop prices are high.

Networking & Collaboration

Labache Ag works with many of the top producers in Kansas and acts as a conduit between them. They host informational meetings that bring these producers together to share information and collaborate on solutions. Ultimately, this network improves practices and adds value to the land.


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