Our Team

Abe Wiebe Jr.

Crop Protection Lead
9 years

Abe Wiebe Jr., the eldest son of Abe Wiebe Sr., fondly referred to as “Little Abe,” has been actively involved with VFF from an early age. Through his constant exposure to agricultural operations, Abe has gained valuable insight into the industry. After graduating from Scott Community High School in 2016, Abe pursued a degree in agronomy at Kansas State University. Following his diploma, he assumed the responsibility of managing crop protection and overseeing spraying operations on the farm. Within the VFF team, Abe stands out as an exceptional leader. He effortlessly adapts to any role assigned to him and has become a true role model at VFF. Abe and his wife, Catelyn, look forward to many prosperous years to come in Scott City.

“What I love most about working on the farm is the people. With their varied backgrounds and worldly experiences, the team creates a one-of-a-kind workforce that’s hard to come by in Western Kansas.”

Field Notes by Abe Wiebe Jr.