At Precision Ag & Seed Services (PASS), we’re about more than just selling seed. We’re about pulling together the latest in research, technology and recommendations and passing that information along to our clients and fellow producers. Because like them, we’re farmers, too, and we know how important it is to have reliable, concrete information to make the best decisions for our operation.


Whether it be through the application of precision agriculture technology, the adoption of alternative farming techniques or products, or the overall management of the operation, PASS’s goal is to serve as a resource to local producers so that they have the tools they need for success.

When it comes to overall crop performance, Pioneer pairs up its superior genetics with an individual approach, resulting in healthy plants and top yields. Instead of offering a simple blanket approach like the competition, Pioneer’s priority is matching the right seed to the right field, making it the producer’s best source for seed.


It is that one-on-one approach and Pioneer’s track record for superior performance that made us decide to become Pioneer representatives for Scott County in 2006. Through on-site farm visits and individual consultations, we’re dedicated to making sure our customers get the best seed for every acre.


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Pioneer Hi-Bred International products

Mapshot’s EasiSuite is an in-depth software program for crop record keeping. It is specifically geared towards operations that utilize precision agriculture, and is an indispensable tool for those that need to manage large amounts of data efficiently and want to see their farm function at its best.  


Because this software is so intricate, we make it a priority to work with our clients in getting the program set up for each individual operation. This saves them valuable time and helps to ensure that they are getting the most out of EasiSuite’s capabilities. Our customer base for this software stretches across the country, allowing us to see it in action on numerous types of operations.

MapShot's EasiSuite

Today’s farming brings with it a whole host of challenges, and PASS’s goal is to be a partner for local producers in finding the best way to implement precision agriculture technology on their operation, as well as troubleshoot various on-farm problems.


To learn more about how PASS can help your farm perform at its best, contact: Brian Vulgamore   |   620-874-5075   |


Precision agriculture consultations and on-farm visits

Whether it be through local on-farm experiments and trials or researching results published by reputable research universities and private companies, we are constantly working to improve our own farming practices. Every year, we dedicate hundreds of acres on our farm to testing alternatives techniques or new technologies to help us determine the best options for operations in the local area and climate. We then make the results from our experiments available to fellow producers, so that they, too, can make the right decisions for their own farm.


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Local experimentation

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