Knowing what to expect out of your fertilizer is key to ensuring top yields at the lowest nutrient cost. Conditioned manure can help you achieve that competitive edge. With higher nutrient availability than raw manure due to its smaller, more consistent particles, conditioned manure also bears a lower price and more eco-friendly attributes than commercial fertilizer.

Sloppy, inconsistent raw manure (left) as compared to ricks of processed, homogeneous conditioned manure (right).


It is the conditioning process itself that is key to its benefits. After raw manure is collected from the pens, it is dropped into windrows where it begins the natural decomposition process. The rows are mechanically turned to increase aeration and manage moisture content, during which the internal temperature exceeds 140° F, eliminating weed seeds and pathogens. The conditioning breaks the raw manure into finer, more uniform particles and evaporates unnecessary moisture, leaving a more concentrated product. The end result is a more even and consistent layer of manure across the field that incorporates quickly into the soil with precipitation, making it particularly well-suited to a no-till environment.


Conditioned manure can offer your operation the important competitive edge of top yields at a low nutrient cost. However, supplies are limited, so advance orders are strongly recommended.


The fine, uniform particles of conditioned manure spread evenly over your fields, ensuring optimal coverage and nutrient availability.



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With its stable nutrient availability and weed-free qualities, conditioned manure consistently outperforms its raw counterpart. Likewise, it provides organic matter and a wealth of secondary and micro-nutrients that are non-existent in commercial fertilizer. For high-yielding fields at an affordable price, conditioned manure is the answer.

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