Pieter Jansen Van Vurren

Areas of responsibility: Manure spreading, trucking, maintenance

Seasonal (March - November 2014)

Having grown up in Klerksdorp, South Africa, Pieter has always loved farming. When he decided that he wanted to experience agriculture in the United States, he spoke to two friends – Frik and Daniel – about their previous experiences as seasonal workers at VFF and decided to similarly take advantage of such an opportunity.


During his childhood, Pieter’s grandfather had a farm prior to his grandmother selling it in the early 2000s. His uncle is also a farmer, and Pieter takes every opportunity he can to help out on the farm and learn the trade. Once completing this internship and hopefully a second next year, Pieter plans to establish his own cattle and goat herds, as well as to pursue a higher education in agriculture.


Pieter has a pair of twin sisters, one of whom owns a salon and the other who works for their brother-in-law. Pieter’s mother is the owner and operator of a local gym and his father works for a telecom company. For Pieter, however, there is no question that the future lies in agriculture.

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