Pierre Sylvestre

Intern (March - November 2012)

1550 W. Road 70   |   Scott City, KS 67871

620-872-5242   |   VulgamoreFamilyFarms@vffarms.com

In March 2012, Vulgamore Family Farms had the opportunity to welcome Pierre Sylvestre, a 23-year-old horticulturist from Plouvara, Brittany. Pierre had completed his studies and chose to take part in an extended internship prior to launching his career as a farmer in France.


Sylvestre comes from a farm family, with a father works for an agricultural insurance agency and a mother who is a vegetable and flower farmer. He has always had significant interest in the industry and plans to enter into his mother’s farm as a partner upon his return to France at the end of the year.


“Since I was small, I have always been close to the land,” he says. “My grandfathers were both farmers, and I was raised in agriculture. I took a great interest in it and loved working with plants and other living things.”


Before transitioning into his mother’s operation, Sylvestre wanted to see agriculture in a different country and on a different scale from what he had known before. Because of that, he worked through Ohio State University to locate an internship that would fit his interests – and fell upon Vulgamore Family Farms.


He, along with fellow intern Benoit Georges, has worked on the farm undertaking numerous responsibilities, including crop scouting, manure turning, soil sampling and many others.


“The best part has been the welcome,” says Sylvestre. “With such generosity and humanity, the mentality of the Midwest has been a wonderful surprise. I’ve been integrated into the farm very quickly and that has been very touching. I know already that leaving the people I’m working with will not be easy.”