2014 Wheat Harvest Crew 

Our success is dependent on the people that keep our operation at its best. Without the their hard work and determination, Vulgamore Family Farms would not be where it is today.

The Vulgamores  

Larry & Judi Vulgamore 


Brian & Paula Vulgamore


Myles & Liz Vulgamore


The Partners

Mike Harkness

Crop Protection

Pat Heim

Planting and Fertilzing

Luc Valentin

Farm Management

The Staff

Mark Budde

Seed Sales and Customer Service

Benjamin Spare

Seed and Agronomy

Willie Unger

Cattle and Maintenance

Willie Unger, Jr.

Spreading and Irrigation

Abe Wiebe

Trucks and Spreading

Nic Wiebe

Manure Conditioning

The Interns

Pieter Jansen Van Vuuren

March - November 2014

Dean Da Mota

March – November 2014

Frederik “Frik” Johannes VanHeerden

March - November 2013

Daniel Coetzee

March - November 2013

Pierre Sylvestre

March - November 2012

Benoit Georges

March - November 2012

Christophe Delpuech

April - June 2011

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