Nic Wiebe

Areas of responsibility: Manure conditioning and maintenance (welding, fabrication)

Manure Conditioning

With an affinity and talent for technical work, Nic has spent his career in it. Prior to starting at Vulgamore Family Farms in 2008, he had numerous experiences in a variety of areas, including working on a feedlot, as a plumber, as part of a maintenance crew at a cheese factory, as well as a farmer.


One of Nic’s primary responsibilities at Vulgamore Family Farms is maintenance on various components of the operation, including facilities and equipment. He enjoys the hands-on aspects of shop work and is a particularly skilled welder. His other major responsibility includes spearheading the challenges involved in the processing of conditioned manure.


Nic and his wife, Katharina, have five children: Annie (born in 1989), Elizabeth (born in 1990), Maria (born in 1992), Susie (born in 1995) and Jimmy (born in 2000). Nic enjoys fishing and gardening in his spare time.

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