Mike Harkness  

Partner: Dry Lake, Tip Off

Areas of responsibility: Spraying, trucking and equipment operation

Custom work: Operates a commercial spraying business that sprays over 70,000 acres per year with his single Ag-Co Spray Coup. His largest customer is VFF, and he does nearly all the spraying for Dry Lake Farms and Tip Off Farms. Mike also does custom dirt work projects in the winters when he isn't hauling grain or manure with his trucks. 

Crop Protection, Partner

Mike joined Vulgamore Family Farms through the formation of the Dry Lake Farms partnership in 2010. As a partner in this endeavor, Mike’s primary responsibilities are in the area of crop protection and spraying, where he brings years of experience to the table as one of the area’s pioneers in the application of chemical herbicides.


Born and raised on a farm, Mike’s life has always revolved around agriculture. He helped his father on their own farm from a young age, and as a result, found that he harbored a deep love for the variety and freedom offered by that way of life. By the time he graduated from high school in 1972, there was little question about where he saw his future, and so he returned to the family farm and took up his passion as a career.


Throughout the years, Mike has consistently been on the forefront of researching and adopting new, more progressive techniques and technologies.  He and his father were some of the first to adopt an innovative wheat-fallow-milo/corn rotation in place of wheat-fallow-wheat rotations and left stubble on their fields for moisture conservation long before that practice was commonplace. In addition, Mike was one of the first producers in the area to undertake spraying, adopting it broadly across the farm in the 1980s. He earned his commercial applicator’s license and was seen as an area expert in the technique as chemical application became widely practiced by farmers across the region.


Off the farm, Mike enjoys stretching his wings as a pilot as well as taking his Harley Softail Heritage out for a cruise. He has four children: stepson Kyle (born 1988), son Beau (born 1981), and twin daughters Darci and Courtney (born 1982). Mike especially loves spending time with his five grandchildren: Kayde (born 2002), Austin (born 2003), Cashton (born 2007), Peyton (born 2007) and Charlee (born 2009).

1550 W. Road 70   |   Scott City, KS 67871

620-872-5242   |   VulgamoreFamilyFarms@vffarms.com