Frederik “Frik” Johannes van Heerden

Areas of responsibility: Manure spreading, trucking, maintenance

Seasonal (March - November 2013)

Frederik (a.k.a “Frik”) Johannes VanHeerden started with VFF in March 2013. Frik holds various responsibilities on the farm, including spreading manure, driving trucks, maintaining equipment and any other tasks that need to be handled.


Originally from Klerksdorp, South Africa, this is not Frik’s first experience working in the States. Frik first came in 2009 to South Dakota, where he was employed with a farming operation. He later returned to South Dakota to work with a wheat grower in 2010-2011. Frik returned to South Africa where he worked as a plumber and construction worker, but is excited to be in Scott City with VFF on a seasonal basis.


Frik is the youngest in his family, with two older sisters that currently reside in South Africa, as does his fiancée, Nicolize Coetzee. Growing up, his father was a salesman with Massey Ferguson and his mother worked in administration at a mechanical engineering shop. Upon Frik's return to South Africa, he hopes to complete the schooling necessary to become a welding inspector. Of particular interest to him is working in quality control for the gold and uranium mining industries.

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