Daniel Coetzee

Areas of responsibility: Manure spreading, trucking, maintenance

Seasonal (March - November 2013)

Daniel Coetzee has been a part of the VFF team since March 2013. His responsibilities are varied and include spreading manure, driving trucks, maintaining equipment and any other tasks that need to be undertaken.


Daniel is originally from Bothaville in Free State, South Africa where he grew up on a diversified farm that included both livestock (cattle, sheep, pigs and chickens) and row crops (sunflowers, corn and soybeans). Daniel worked previously as a sprayer operator and farm hand on an operation in South Dakota in 2008 and 2009. He chose to come to the U.S. again in 2013 as a seasonal worker.


Daniel is married to Sharlene and has a daughter, Christine, born in 2012. Both reside in South Africa, as do Daniel’s siblings and parents. Back home, Daniel owns a Hereford cow/calf operation and hopes to one day launch a lumber and cabinetry business in partnership with a friend. Daniel enjoys wood and metal work, as well as fishing and mountain biking whenever he gets the chance.

1550 W. Road 70   |   Scott City, KS 67871

620-872-5242   |   VulgamoreFamilyFarms@vffarms.com