As farmers, we depend on Mother Nature for our livelihood, which means that we do our best to protect and conserve the land and resources that surround us. One of our most significant efforts is through the use of no-till farming practices. This method keeps the working of the soil at a minimum and the quantity of residue (e.g., wheat straw or corn stalks) at a maximum, all of which increases moisture retention in the soil and decreases erosion, keeping the soil healthier and reducing our need for irrigation.


In addition to no-till, our usage of numerous precision agriculture methods and other technological advances allows us minimize usage of fertilizers or other chemicals.


We also make it a priority to assist in controlling erosion as best we can while at the same time contributing to the environment and the local ecosystems by planting trees in numerous locations across our farm ground. We have planted thousands of trees on our land and continue to add to that number every year.

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