Christophe Delpuech

Intern (April - June 2011)

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In an opportunity of international relations and cross-cultural farming, Vulgamore Family Farms is hosted French intern on the farm from April 2011 to June 2011. Christophe Delpuech, a 20-year-old agriculture student from the southwest region of Gers in France, was an integral part of the operation during the entirety of his stay.


Delpuech’s responsibilities on the operation ranged from crop scouting to manure turning, and also included research trials on the rate of weed growth in conditioned manure versus raw manure. The internship was part of a technical degree in agronomy that Delpuech was pursuing at his university in France, the Université Paul Sabatier.


“It has been really interesting to see another style of agriculture that is completely different from what we have in France,” said Delpuech. “The size of everything is so impressive, and I’ve really enjoyed how kind and welcoming everyone has been.”


This was not Delpuech’s first internship. He also worked on a cattle and sheep operation as well as a seasonal worker for local farms in France. He grew up helping his uncle on his farming operation, and harbored a love for agriculture ever since. In his spare time, Christophe enjoyed dirt biking, hunting and spending time with friends.