Benoit Georges

Intern (March - November 2012)

1550 W. Road 70   |   Scott City, KS 67871

620-872-5242   |

Benoit Georges, a 25-year-old future agricultural engineer from Fresnay-le-Long, Seine Maritime, joined Vulgamore Family Farms in March 2012. Benoit came onto the farm following his studies as part of an extended internship as he prepares for his own career in agriculture.


“I think farming is the greatest career out there,” he says. “You are your own boss, you decide what you want to see done on the farm and you are completely independent in your decision-making. Agriculture is a core industry and it allows you to produce for others.”


Georges hoped to see large-scale crop production in the United States prior to launching his farming career in France. He had already spent 6 months in New Zealand on an internship on a large-scale dairy farm, and wanted another perspective of international production agriculture. He hopes the experience will help him as he partners in with a 150-cow dairy operation upon his return to France at the end of the year.


He, along with fellow intern, Pierre Sylvestre, has worked on the farm undertaking numerous responsibilities, including crop scouting, manure turning, soil sampling and many others.


“I really like the mentality of people here,” says Georges. “Everyone is so nice and open-minded, always wanting to know how things are done in France. I really get along with everyone and the philosophy of hard work is one that I really appreciate.”